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Updated: Jul 11

What's the best way to get a credit card without any credit history? Many people ask this question on a daily basis. It is typical for a beginner to apply for random credit cards they see online and then get turned down when they get a denial from the bank institute. At the same time, they are harming their credit report with hard inquiries. Hard inquiries are made on a credit report when a person tries to apply for a credit card, loan, mortgage etc. Hard inquiries automatically fall off your credit report after 2 years. Inquiries negatively impact your credit score; banks will not approve one with too many inquiries on their report. The applicant will be forced to wait two years for their credit report to be clear of these hard inquiries before they can apply for a regular, good credit card.

The situation for beginners is terrible. One who is not very familiar with the credit card approval process will most likely apply for the card offering the biggest welcome bonus or other benefits; they will not realize that they do not qualify for the card as they do not meet the banks requirements and will very likely be denied. In Such situations, A hard inquiry is being made, in result, they will not be approved for other credit cards which is designed to help establish and build your credit.

Make sure to make the right choice before applying for your first cards.

Let's have a look at the credit card starting choices.

Discover is the first and greatest choice for students. Non-students without a credit history will not be approved. If you are a student this is very suitable for you. The first thing you should know about Discover is, many people choose the Discover Cashback, which offers 1% cash back, over the Discover Miles, which offers 1.5% points considering cash back for a better option to earn rewards. The truth is that Discover miles is just another way to redeem travel mileage, however, it may also be redeemed for 1.5 percent cash back, which is much more than the 1% Discover cashback offers.

When performing an online search for a Discover credit card that accepts people with no credit history, the answer will be Discover Student. However, as we already know, Discover Miles is a better option, so listen to my advice and apply for the Discover Miles card instead. It is important to note, when applying for the Discover Miles card you’ll be asked for your job status, simply answer "full-time student." To sum it up. If you're a student, the Discover Miles card is a great option for you. Furthermore, as far as I know, applying for the Discover student card is not a simpler approval process than applying for the regular Discover Miles card when completing the student information.

Prior to applying for a Discover miles card as a student, make sure you have student transcripts or any other student documents from your school since Discover will most likely ask you to submit this documents. They many times also request you to provide proof of address. Based on my experience, Discover will always approve students with no credit history. If you do encounter any difficulties during the application process it is Most probably because of failure to verify the submitted documents. In such scenarios, I suggest to contact discover at 800-347-4736 to clarify.

After you submit your application, it will be in "pending” status. You do not have to wait for it to be processed; instead, you can click the "chat" tab that is located in the bottom right corner of the page, speak with a live agent who will be able to approve it right away.

Discover is in my view, the credit card that stands head and shoulders above the competition due to the superior quality of its customer service as well as the fact that it provides the most valuable rewards in the first year compared to any other card. This indicates that if you choose the Discover Miles credit card, you will earn a cashback reward of 3 percent on all of your purchases made during your first year of card membership. This is the highest cashback reward offered by any other credit card.

Let's have a look together at a few different options for getting started. You are able to qualify for any Chase freedom card, including the freedom student, freedom unlimited, and freedom flex, if you have been a Chase customer for more than six months. You can qualify even if you do not have a credit history however, you must have not had any hard inquiries, and have a positive relationship with Chase. If you fit these criteria, you have a great chance of being approved, it pays to apply.

Note, because you do not have a credit record, the status of your application may change to "waiting for verification" in the event that further information is required. I suggest to contact the Chase landing department at 800-453-9719, they will be able to help you with it and proceed with the application process.

It has come to my attention that some people have been granted approval for the Chase Sapphire Prefered card despite their lack of credit history, provided that they have a strong relationship with Chase. However, this is only in rare situations. Usually, in order to qualify for the Chase Sapphire card, you will need to have a credit history of at least one year. This is one of the requirements.

If the previous mentioned cards do not work for you, might want to consider the below. You can ask one of your friends or family members to add you as an additional user to one of their credit cards that reports it to the credit agencies, this will give you some more good options.

If the primary cardholder, the one who added you as an additional to their account, opened the credit card more than a year ago (although you are not an additional for over a year), You may be eligible for any Citibank credit card, such as the City Premier Card, the Citi Rewards Plus Card, the Citi Double Cash Card, or the Citi Custom Cash Card.

Once you have applied, for the purpose of verification, Citibank may either send you a letter in the mail with a security code which you will have to provide to a Citibank representative or, you may contact Citibank customer support and they will request a one-time pin which they will send to your mobile device.

I have seen a significant number of people being approved for an American Express credit card, such as the Blue Cash Preferred Card, the Blue Cash Everyday Card, The Platinum Card, after they have been an additional of an American Express cardholder for only a few months or any other credit card that is reporting for the credit bureaus. The approval is not guaranteed, but there is a great chance for that.

Applying for Multiple cards?

If you want to apply for more than one card listed above, the first thing you need to know is that if you do not live in New York City, you cannot get the City Premier card and the Discover card at the same time. What you can do is apply for the Discover card and then wait exactly eight days before applying for the Citi card. This is because Citi will not approve you if you have had any hard inquiries within the last eight days.

If you live in New York City, you can apply for the Citi Card and the Discover card at the same time. However, you need to apply first for the Citi Premier card, then for the Discover card

If you want to have any other of the cards listed above together with a city or together with Discover, you should apply first for the city or for the Discover and then for any other cards. Both Chase and Amex will allow you to have one recent hard inquiry. If you want a Citi, Discover, and Chase or American Express and you live in the United states, Apply first for the Citi Card then for the Discover card and last for the Chase or American Express.

Before applying for any credit card, it is recommended that you get the advice of an experienced professional. This will allow you to determine exactly which credit cards you will be approved for and which ones you will not.

Secured credit cards is also an option for beginners however, I did not elaborate on it as I strongly do not recommend it. secured credit cards do not help you build your credit that much as it is difficult to get credit line increases. You also lose out on many rewards benefits the above-mentioned cards provide.

There are more credit card options for beginners than what I've described in this article. There are cards offered by less known banks however, these banks usually, will not have as good customer service as the banks mentioned above and will also not provide many benefits.

I am making this statement for the purpose of giving a legal disclaimer; however, despite the fact that the information that has been said above is correct to the best of my knowledge, I do not take responsibility for anything that has been mentioned above. The bank and the underwriter from the underwriting agency will each do a credit check on the applicant, and permission will be granted based on the findings of that check. Because of the way the system is set up, I am unable to provide you with a guarantee that you will be approved. I have provided the information, to the best of my knowledge, I am in no way responsible for anything that is said not right..

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